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Isowall Global Metal-Faced Insulated Panel
Predictions for 2022 & forecast to 2025

Isowall Provides Market Forecast, Market Volumes, Market Trends on all PIR, PU, Mineral Wool and EPS Metal Faced Panel markets.

Financial Report

The metal faced insulated panel industry has proven “resilient”, to the pandemic. For investors and long-term shareholders this suggests security.

Trends indicate an increasing demand for Fire Rated core material, especially mineral wool across all markets. Companies producing fire rated AND CERTIFIED panels will see an increase in the value of their Intellectual Property.


Isowall answers the following questions:


Isowall addresses the effects of the Global Pandemic and provides:

  • Global and Regions Assessment (7 Regions)

  • Market Region Growth Schedules 2022

  • Market Region Output data

  • Mineral Wool Panel data

  • Growth forecasts

To obtain a FREE

reading extract


What market regions will grow?


Which market regions will remain diminished?


What panel cores have a significant market and where are these markets?


Where will investors find GROWTH, PROFITABILITY and OPPORTUNITY?

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